exit night, enter light (summer and bogans in helsinki)

my arrival into helsinki last night coincided with the metalllica concert in the city. as such, my introduction to the inhabitants of this land as i looked through the windows of the airport bus as we passed the concert venue, were throngs of pale and pasty youth in bogan/emo attire.

but also realising that the 2006(?) winneres of the eurovision contest were death metal rockers in monster outfits, i figured that this metallica intro to finland was actually more accurate than i initially gave credit for.

basically, helsinki is overrun by bogans, which is quite an interesting juztaposition to the picturesque wide cobblestoned streets and stately architecture.



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2 responses to “exit night, enter light (summer and bogans in helsinki)

  1. jillstephens

    You went to Helsinki !! OOooooh, jealous. Katy and I were only talking about Helsinki y’day. Apparently Elina went home there recently for a holiday, and I fessed up about my Finish boyfriend that I had when I was 18. Got as close as Sweden and Norway, but not to the place itself. Would love to do the train trip from Helsinki, to St Petersburg, to Estonia, I hear it’s awesome !!

  2. donna

    yeah it was great, and if i stayed longer would have taken the boat to estonia, its soooo close. i forgot to add in my blog entry that i never saw the night because it just wouldnt get dark. quite a contrast to the winter i would say!!!

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