Second Life and libraries – is there a point I am missing??


i have decided that my job is far more interesting if i just go to random conferences and seminars instead of turning up to the office.  

today’s was a whole day dedicated to web/library 2.0, held at the state library.  lots of librarians lots of networking.  etc. the most interesting presentation for me was one discussing Second Life, the internet based virtual world where people wander around islands doing ‘stuff’.  the speaker was a very engaging (ie i didnt do one of those head roll back sudden fall off to sleep then wake up things like i did for another speaker) murdoch uni librarian who is really into second life, for the reasons listed here.

i think second life is a very cool concept if youre into online gaming so I am not dissing it.  am loving the fact that i can buy designer handbags and dresses and that there is a blog [more than one in fact] dedicated to aquiring the appropriate second life designer wardrobe.  still to be convinced on its use for libraries and librarians, though.  

if i ever do decide to enter second life i dont think you will be finding me at the library. you’ll find me at the virtual Pipeline with kelly et al.


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One response to “Second Life and libraries – is there a point I am missing??

  1. qianshiyouyuan

    I do believe in that a second life is exist.

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