A couple of weeks ago this was a vase of brown sticks. When I arrived home from o/s small flowers had started to grow.  it’s an arrangement in progress as every day a new bud comes out or a leaf grows.



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4 responses to “japonica

  1. m

    that is way cool.

    when you get tired of the arrangement you should plant the sticks in a pot and see if you can get some trees.

  2. m, not sure if you are joking or not, but that is exactly what i did plan to do.

  3. m

    i wouldn’t joke about things like that.

    if you have any spare sticks, can you give one to me, and i will try and make into a tree?

  4. yes i do and I can. though I am not certain who you are so you need to identify yourself. if you are who i think you are you probably dont want your activities tracked by the fbi here so should find an alternative non trackable way of making contact with me.

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