cattus petasatus

cat in thehat in latin

we’ve got this book in the library. however it is in the junior section, which is technically correct, but can you imagine a kid picking up this book and trying to read it?!

it’s currently doing the rounds of the library staff so no doubt will have enough check out stats to justify its existence here.



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2 responses to “cattus petasatus

  1. qianshiyouyuan

    a. 戴帽的傻猫(dai mao de sha mao)
    b. 戴帽的坏猫(dai mao de huai mao)
    c. 戴帽的笨猫(dai mao de ben mao)
    d. 戴帽的憨猫(dai mao de han mao)

    please select the Chinese title

  2. i think you’ll find it’s just 戴帽的猫

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