mr magnolia has only one boot


He has an old trumpet that goes rooty-toot – And two lovely sisters who play on the flute – But Mr Magnolia has only one boot.

the other day, in preparation for a children’s book week promotion at the library, we were asked to list favourite books from our childhood. after thinking about it for a bit, i decided upon quentin blake as the author/illustrator, and it was a toss up between Mr Magnolia, and The Giant Jam Sandwich. I chose Mr Magnolia because he had only one boot and I felt sorry for him.

other favourites i could think of were the magic faraway tree series [enid blyton] and those “girl’s own”/”brownie guide”annuals popular in the UK at one point.  i feel that these very ‘proper’ books were a great influence in my life, contributing to my general uprightness and possession of high moral fibre. 

however, i also loved my  beautifully illustrated copy of the fairytale The 12 Dancing Princesses – where the girls sneak out at night, every night, and party on till dawn at the discotheque.

so it’s probably safe to assume that underneath my facade of community do go’er I am a deceptive dirty ho.

care to revisit your past and list your favourites?



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3 responses to “mr magnolia has only one boot

  1. How strange! After a decade of never giving him a thought, two Quentin Blake encounters in the space of a single hour: first, I stumbled across some of his wonderful illustrations in some old copies of Roald Dahl books at a book sale this afternoon. Then your blog entry. Fun!
    I also loved the 12 Dancing Princesses. And, being a horse-crazy little girl, I devoured Walter Farley’s pony books (Little Black, Little Black & Big Red, etc.) and of course the deliciously illustrated Billy and Blaze books from C.W. Anderson. Thanks for reminding me of these…

  2. i have some friends who i am sure would appreciate your pony crazed girlhood!

  3. qianshiyouyuan

    it’s probably safe to assume that underneath my facade of community do go’er I am a deceptive dirty ho???
    你是一个 充满着 智慧 和 奥秘 的女孩, 如果 用一个字 来描述你, 那就是:纯。

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