hello kitty credit card

this credit card would make my life complete



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5 responses to “hello kitty credit card

  1. qianshiyouyuan

    That’s really cool

  2. Bobo

    They released these when I was living in HK. They were very popular, and I was tempted. The interest on these cards is huge, though, from memory.

  3. m.

    you don’t need to spend anything on it … just be content that you have it, sitting in your purse.

    maybe get it out once in a while and wave it around a bit to show how hardcore you are.

  4. jillstephens

    Wow, you would love that. Can you get one? How funky.

  5. i will look into getting one. i like your idea m of just having one to be hardcore (hardcore what though – freaky?!)

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