madonna/whore complex

in the past five days my signed copy (as in books by their writer) status has changed from madonna to whore. but that’s the end of it for now, reasons being that it has interfered with my “pan choge” (sp? and not my own words) personal collection development policy which basically follows the path of japanese imperialism.  

1. Wednesday:  To Margaret. Enjoy the read  🙂 . James Phelan.  Bought a copy for my mother out of sympathy as no one else was buying his books.  Does my mother like adventure/espionage thrillers? hmmmm, good question. 

2. Friday: To Donna – your patience means the world. Dave Eggers. 2.5 hour wait. See previous post.

3. Saturday: JM Coetzee. learning from #2, i employed various techniques to ensure that I wasn’t at the end of the queue.  10 minutes later I had a signed copy of “diary of a bad year”. Coetzee is a man of few words in person, however his writing is amazing.

by the way –  the correct pronunciation of his name is kut-SEE-uh.



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2 responses to “madonna/whore complex

  1. erica

    wow – you met mister kut-SEE-uh, pulitzer prize winner and all! i would have tried to pash him. if only boys were turned on by brains the way us lasses are.
    what’s his new book like?

  2. yeah i was humbled in his presence. havent read it yet – it’s split into three voices running horizontally across each page.

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