angry patron

i nearly got myself into a fight with a library patron the other day. im not proud of it but it taught me an important lesson, which wasn’t the customer is always right, but rather, don’t mess with big guys who have tattoos and speech impediments, and also dont understand the concept of the ddc (ie numbers and counting). 

‘angry patron’ comes up to the refence desk  to ask about graffiti books. ‘diligent librarian’ (me) asks him what sort of grafitti books he is after, for example, art books or how to clean graffiti of walls. angry patron gives diligent librarian a nasty glare and launches into diatribe how he is not a criminal but an artist. blah blah, etcetera.

diligent librarian overcompensates by telling angry patron how much she looooooooooooves ‘street art’  and respects street artists.  blah blah, etcetera. an uncomfortable silences ensues whilst angry patron’s  (art not cleaning) books are personally located by diligent librarian and checked out.

conflict averted.   reminds me of our other regular ‘angry patron’ who refuses to get served by our anglo librarians (who are all soooo nice) because they are, apparently, racist.



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5 responses to “angry patron

  1. qianshiyouyuan

    you are cool and calm under such situation. of course, you are always cool and calm i reckon.
    by the way i like the big girl with tiny elegant tattoos.

  2. You get all sorts though – what you asked was perfectly valid, you were just ascertaining what kind of book(s) he wanted.

    By the way, BM is at #2 in the science category in iTunes this week!

  3. who’s the big girl with the tiny tatoos you speak of?!
    freofan, is it Dr Karl you will have to knock off to get #1? a tough job but i am sure that you can do it!

  4. Sure is… Dr Karl is one tough nut to crack!

  5. qianshiyouyuan

    I just made that comment from my conscious and didn’t think twice.
    who’s the big girl with the tiny tatoos I speak of?
    I should say that the girl is the one I always admire.
    “tiny elegant tattoo” just purly guess, I wouldn’t dare to look at it.

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