shelving is about finding long lost friends

in my ‘day job’ i don’t get to shelf.  we employ casuals to come in for a couple of hours a day just for this task because many librarians [esp us with univeristy degrees] think that were are above putting books back on shelves. however in my volunteer job i do one saturday a month i do everything, and it’s all good.

finding a book that you loved at one point in your life is like reconnecting with a long lost friend. which is different from facebook, where you cringe and deliberate for a week before accepting your long lost highschool friends who have tracked you down.  last weekend, via shelving, I reconnected with nick hornby through his book “31 songs”. i also made a new friend when i discovered a book called “the librarian”, a satirical political thriller about a US presidential campaign. it was written by the guy who wrote ‘wag the dog’ so it’s sure to be good.

ive posted the japanese cover.


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