104d 16h 13m 10s to new lms


to my google customised home page at work i recently added a ‘countdown’ to when our new library management system goes live (december 20).  i didn’t actually think: “i need a timer for this really important event”, but I found it when adding some other pretty much useless, but interesting and fun, gadgets to my page  [buddhist thought of the day, confucius quotes, babelfish, world time].

have i overstepped the mark and descended into complete geekness? please resond, but before you do note that I have used an image of ballons and also the counter is not digital.



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2 responses to “104d 16h 13m 10s to new lms

  1. bec s

    Not geeky. My google homepage has the weather, a currency converter, world times, and RSS feeds to this blog.

  2. qianshiyouyuan

    pls tell me today’s buddhist thought and confucius quotes

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