LibraryThing unsuggester. wtf?!

I really dont get this. At all.  LibraryThing (my personal online book catalogue) analyzes the books LibraryThing members have recorded as owned or read, and comes back with books least likely to share a library with the book you suggest.

 Here is are some examples of what I own, followed by what I shouldn’t own. Notice the pattern. Basically I am a heathen wretch.

  • READ: Kafka on the Shore (Haruki Murakami) / SHOUDLNT READ: The Passion of Jesus Christ : fifty reasons why He came to die.
  • READ: Heart of Darkness (Joseph Conrad) / SHOUDLNT READ: The radical reformission : reaching out without selling out by Mark Driscoll. 
  • READ:  Shantaram (Gregory David Roberts) / SHOUDLNT READ: The imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis
  • READ:  The Sheltering Sky (Paul Bowles) / SHOUDLNT READ: Desiring God : meditations of a Christian hedonist by John Pipe

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