communism, and love?

something weird happened in the library today. a library staff member sent around an email to the city council staff, of which we are a part of, to attend an upcoming author talk. the author is this local guy who has written a book about communism and love.

about 5 minutes after the email goes out, the group gets an reply from “vladimir” [not his real name] saying, in upper case letters as I am just about to do:   “THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS COMMUNIST PROGANDA!!! what does the library think its doing glamorising such a corrupt and soul destrying regime!!! etc”.

it was pretty full on, and I most certainly was shocked by this sudden outburst from above random staff member. it just goes to show, you never know what may really set people off. 

how ironic. vladimir leaves his communist land to one of democracy and freedom of speech and association. yet is outraged when views contrary to his are raised. am i being too harsh?



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2 responses to “communism, and love?

  1. qianshiyouyuan

    oh dear, I think you are a bit harsh to “vladimir”. when touch the subject like communism, people expressing themself emotionally is understandable. for some people communism is just talking subject (freedom of speech), for other that subject would break their hears with tears in their eyes.
    the election is upcoming, we can use our hands to vote, but there are still people in North Korea sacrificing their life and using their foot to vote.

  2. fair enough. but i just think he should have thought before he posted it for the whole world to read and make judgement on him, like I have just done.

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