library stereotypes. YAWN.

this video is fucking hilarious, in a roll your eyes here we go again kind of way. and i know that i shouldnt be posting it here because it doesn’t warrant the attention.  the NZ equivalent of Today Tonight or A Current Affair have run a story on dowdy librarians. basically, nz librarians are not happy – have taken great offense –  that a ‘style guru’ has come to their annual conference to talk about fashion and grooming.

if you don’t want to be responsible for the ‘popularity’ of this video (i feel so unclean for submitting to it) be happy with my above synopsis and instead watch the inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention Centre perform Thriller on YouTube, which is far more worthy of your bandwith and valuable time.



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2 responses to “library stereotypes. YAWN.

  1. m

    methinks the dancing inmates could do with a ‘style guru’, too — orange can only go so far.

  2. the older style black and white striped convict gear was far classier

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