lms, unicorns, origami-ists, blade runner

in a couple of months we are upgrading our library management system [the software which basically runs the library – checkouts, checkins, fines, cataloguing etc],which is currently Dynix Classic, to a product called Unicorn. looking for appropriate unicorn images for our communications branding i came across a couple of sites dedicated to origami unicorns, and also the cult movie Blade Runner. the image you can see is a screen shot from the movie.

being an amateur origami-ist (see origami vase in my flickr/ikebana),  and also just generally nosey about everything, i was interested in the significance of this origami figure to this film that i have never seen.  so i did a quick search, the results of which i wont bore you with the details.  

i would like to say, however, that origami is an artform.  i started following the instructions to make the origami unicorn and 20 minutes later i gave up, with half a deformed unicorn in my hand.



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2 responses to “lms, unicorns, origami-ists, blade runner

  1. I love origami. And I find it a fascination usage within Blade Runner. Btw, you know the 25th anniversary version (what the original cut was going to be) is going to be released this year – different to the ‘directors cut’

  2. 25 years?! i am going to have to rewatch the movie.

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