“Tell me about being a librarian”

Then she said, more conversationally, more conventionally, “Tell me about being a librarian.”

I said, … It’s a sort of communism, without ideology or Marx or any of that bullshit. We’re in the business of giving away knowledge. For free. Come in, please come in, and take some knowledge for free, no limit, keep going, gorge on it if you want, no, it’s not a trick, a come on…. Librarians don’t have a lot of status and we don’t make a lot of money, more than poets, but not so much, say, as your more successful panhandlers, so our ideals are important to us and the love of books and the love of knowledge and the love of truth and free information and letting people discover things for themselves and let them, oh, read romance novels or detective novels, whatever they want, and giving poor people internet access.

– The Librarian, by Larry Beinhart


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One response to ““Tell me about being a librarian”

  1. That’s pretty much spot on… Only more Socialist than Communist I’d say.

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