shanghai dumpling challenge: round one

i shouldnt be talking about food on this site because it doesnt sit well with my anti-foodie ethos. however the dumpling challenge was more about food consumption in quantity, rather than quality.

the challenge was to, in Camy Shangai Dumpling House chinatown (note use of capitals = respect), eat dumplings.  as many as humanly possible, with the guidelines being non dumplings such as rice and vegetables not acceptable, and if you don’t think you are up for the challenge, don’t come.

so between 8 people we ate 160 dumplings at a cost of $99.10 in total. on average each member of the group ate 20 dumplings.  however I feel that some members of the group compensated for others. i know for sure that I ate more than 20.

round two of this challenge will be to eat over 20 dumplings per challenger, with the requirement that each member keeps a tally of his or her count so I will have something more concrete to base my accusations of under performance on, rather than saying stuff like “you were on the phone for about 10 minutes, that’s cheating.”  

round one goes to the asians, with a notable mention to the german, who was a standout in his loose ethnic grouping.  anyone welcome to future rounds.


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