daiquiri anyone?

one day a guy walked into the library and asked to take a photo from the window of a big mother fucker glittering stilleto that was on the roof of the theature across the road.  it turns out that he was the publicist for Priscilla Queen of the Desert the musical which was playing at that theatre.  jill b and anna the librarians had the good sense to seize the opportunity and ask for tickets, and the rest is history. front row, too. good work girls!

these daquiri glasses, plus the frozen contents, were one of the highlights of our night.  except for jill s, whose highlight was to go on stage and bush dance with the cast during the performance. oh, and the ping pong ball performance too…


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One response to “daiquiri anyone?

  1. jillstephens

    Wooo hooo, “oh what a night” (oh, wrong musical).

    Yes, we got to take home lots of stuff, glasses (like above), ping pongs and any paraphenalia you like to buy, you could even buy a g-string !!

    It’s a must see !!

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