23 things

we librarians are really into buzzwords like lifelong learning and professional development and stuff like that. as i type, over 1000 staff in public libraries across the state are taking part in this self paced lifelong learning/professional development course which looks at ’23 things’ related to library/web 2.0.  the concept of 23 things came from steven abram’s (see previous post) 43 things .

it’s been taken up with varying degrees of enthusiasm, measured by the posting activity by staff on personal blogs which track our progress.  however i don’t think that is  a true indicator, cause if you can without much pain blog unsubstantial blah blah blah that has a veneer of an opinion (like I am doing right now) then you’re more likely to ‘suceed’. not fair on many, but that’s just an extra challenge for those who cant to deal with.

that librarians are being forced to try new things is good. theres quite a technological divide between new and old (not age but time in the profession)  librarians, especially in public libraries.  ie i have found that more than a few don’t know how to use MS Word. and here i was thinking that EVERYONE IN THE WESTERN WORLD (plus the rest)  knew how to use it before I started working in public libraries. but i was so wrong.

doing 23 things attemps to bridge this, even if the result is the librarian having a  major bitch on his/her blog about how hard/tiring/irrelevant etc this exercise is. even if you are not a librarian (ie donna’s friends who occasionally read this to see what shes doing and to justify not meeting up in real life) i also reckon you should check it out to see if you are au fait with the ’23 things’ that apply to any self respecting [can’t think of the right word but you know what i am getting at].


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