did you watch The Librarians?

i did, cause im one of them so i felt it was my duty to do so. but having said that, do all doctors and nurses feel compelled to watch All Saints/House/ER?  or do all police women and men stay home on saturday night to watch the bill? let me think for a moment about that…hmmmmm, i would say NO!

so why do we put such pressure on ourselves? yesterday a small posse of librarians and friends of librarians gathered at melrose place (aka our appartment) and sat in front of our huge plasma screen tv in anticipation of the Biggest Event in tv history for librarians. aka the premiere of a comedy series centred around the Middleton Learning Centre and book week. i even made cocktails for the event.

after the first episode ended there was a kind of awkward silence. not a good ‘wow that was sooooo amazing im speechless’ silence, but more an uncomfortable silence when you know that being the first one to say ‘that was a bit lame’ is betraying your loyalties to some unknown force that you feel compelled not to speak out against. because it makes you a bad person who is not committed enough to the profession (though not everyone thinks like this, this morning one of the librarians stuck his head in my office door and said: “how shit was that show?!). but, yeah, i did think it was a bit lame. sadly.

 if you didnt watch it and have no idea what I am talking about, you can download it from the ABC website. it could well improve. i really hope it does for the sake of australian comedy. we all tactfully agreed that it could have been better but this first episde was very important to the character and plot development.  i will continue to watch this show. mainly because its on directly after The Chaser and im too lazy to change the channel.



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4 responses to “did you watch The Librarians?

  1. Ainslie

    I wasn’t home so I set my timer to record it. What a waste of tape and my time!!!

  2. the frozen lychee cocktails at melrose place made it worth the effort – it was a shame you couldnt make it.

  3. Ainslie

    Wednesdays are not good for me – volleyball. You up for the Ice Bar? Sounds like fun 🙂

  4. i understand your priorities. yes for sure.

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