clever disguises

this is a continuation of the skirt > vending machine disguise post last week. it is a common assumption amongst people outside of the country to think that japan is a very safe place to live. however this is not the case. when i worked as a junior high school english teacher in the outer suburbs of osaka one of my most interesting memories was when us teachers spent a good couple of hours holed up in the staff room cause a 13 yr old student was trying to get in and beat up the math teacher. 

here are some ways to avoid your would be attackers:

1. i am really confused as to which is the kid and which is actually a post box. 


2. more manhole cover action.  yes it does look like one, but this is NOT a real manhole, it’s a handbag. would be theives will be totally fooled that you are carrying a manhole cover over your shoulder and not a handbag.


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