i think im losing the plot

we are just about to  [less than 4 wks] ‘go live’ with a new library management system and staff are already dropping hints to me that if things fuck up its all my fault. well, it kind of will be my fault as I was the one who had the responsibility of the data mapping between the old and the new system.

i think that if i wanted a career in IT i wouldve stayed at kapers. and since i am not at kapers anymore it seems that i dont want a career in IT.

where are the cruisy library jobs where all i have to do is sit around all day and read books?



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2 responses to “i think im losing the plot

  1. jillstephens


    That’s terrible that that is their attitude. Spin it around babe, and remember – they are trying to disown ownership, but actually everyone should care about this. Think outside of the box about how you can get the importance of this across to them (like donning a costume outfit or something to shock them), and that you have worked so hard, that they should appreciate it !! Keep on it, you are a darn good IT person.

  2. thanks jill. ive had the luxury of working on/seeing IT projects where there the tasks are spread between a big group of people and not just all the pressure on one or a few. but at the end of the day its just a job and you do what you can.

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