free lice

this is probably a bit nerdy, but no doubt some of you will find it fun.  Free Rice is an alternative to aimlessly browsing through others’ facebook friend lists (and discovering bizarre degrees of separation) or spending a night watching random YouTube vids to find amusement in the discomfort of others (see Halloween violence post below).

Free Rice is a word game that tests your vocabulary. some of the higher level words are actually quite tricky so it is a good chance to expand your vocab if you feel up to the personal challenge (i got up to a level of 42 then went back down again). For every word you get right the sponsors who advertise on the site will donate 10 grains of rice to the UN world food programme. apparently since the site started there have been over 1 billion grains of rice donated. 

free rice will have its detractors (ie why doesnt fujistsu/toshiba/macey’s/apple/etc just donate the freaking rice?) but on the whole I think it’s cool.

amongst other things, when i played free rice i discovered that a goober is a type of peanut and that moxie means courage.


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