the rehab group wouldn’t even accept me

this is kind of the post that never was. earlier this week i was all excited about visiting the Melbourne Cricket Club for the ALIA  Victorian Special Libraries end of year dinner and tour, but because my life is so shit right now I got caught up in a bibliographic record deleting crisis and had to stay back at work to deal with it.

so i rock up to the MCC an hour late. the following ensued:

– guy at door denies knowledge of library event occuring and sends me to another gate

– donna goes to other gate, which is closed

– donna returns to main gate and points to electronic sign which says ALIA Special Libraires end of year event

– guy at gate points to group visible on third floor doing tour of the MCG  (which is huge) and sends donna after them

– group turns out to be “IT people” [more on this later]

– donna spies group in function room drinking cocktails.  asks to join the group. woman at door says that they are the rehab group not librarians. donna asks to join rehab group (who clearly would know the concept of ‘a good time’). woman at door denies entrance to rehab group function.

– donna wanders the building searching for library group. bumps into guy who has been searching in vain for the “IT group”. polite joviual conversation ensues about IT people and librarians (unprintable).

– donna continues to wander the levels of the MCG looking for library tour group. comes again to the rehab group, tries again to get invited to rehab group event. unsuccessful.

– finds a guy who calls himself the events manager. tells donna that the tour should be nearly over and escorts her to the club dining room where she can have a beer (which she orders as soon as she gets in) and wait until everyone arrives.

– on way to committee room pass “IT group”. events manager tells donna that they are the “private detectives” group.

So all’s well that ends well i suppose. But I have absolutely nothing to tell you about the MCC or the MCC library, apart from the fact that the main course I had in the stately member’s dining room (duo of duck) was fantastic but the dessert average.


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One response to “the rehab group wouldn’t even accept me

  1. jillstephens

    Oh, you had the duck, excellent !! Hope it was fab.

    Hey, hows the run around you got? It was pretty much like the organising of the event, ended up being a shambles and don’t mention the PARKING!

    Your conv-o with the IT guy would have been fun:)

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