bikes and tats

whilst the inner city melbourne suburbs are undergoing mass gentrification, the particular block where I live (melrose place) seems to be bucking the trend. in the course of a week, a tatto parlour called ‘the third eye’ has taken the place of the hairdressing salon to the right of melrose and to the left, what formerly was a computer repair shop is now a motorbike shop.

I can just imagine the type of lowlife characters (because that is what tatoos and bikes equal) we are going to get hanging around the vicinity of melrose place,  so i am going to have to be extra careful with my personal posessions from now on. 

but even more concerning to me is the fact that I just know that I am going to be seduced into: 1. getting my bike licence so I can buy a bike at the shop next door and 2. wandering into the tattoo parlour on my day off and leaving with a tramp stamp (probably a celtic design on my lower back).


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