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 john howard is out. my faith has been restored in australian sociey.

i remember witnessing the last federal election in 2004, having  a month prior returned to australia for good after being overseas for a period long enough to only think of australia being an eternally sunny and carefree place to live (because that is how others think it as, and you too begin to believe it because you are not there to see the reality).  the post election feeling i had was of a sad lack of confidence in voting australians to consider the issues that are vital to a functioning society, such as education and industrial relations to name just a few.

however, this election the balance has swung to the *left* and I wait in anticipation to see what kevin 07 and his posse will deliver.

you may well be thinking: “what does a japanese chick in a coninical metallic bra have to do with this post?”.  i came across this a while back and have been since trying to think of a way to include it here in some sort of context, rather than just have a pic of a scantily clad asian woman.  and this is my chance.

this ‘voting costume’ is what japanese bra maker Triumph has resorted to in its effort to help increase voter turnout in japan. according to the article it is less that 30%.

According to Triumph’s press release, voter turnout in Japan, which averaged 70% to 90% about 30 years ago, has fallen to between 10% and 30% in recent years. With voter apathy and a general aversion to politics worsening each year, the government has taken a variety of measures to encourage participation in the election process. Taking matters into their own hands, Triumph decided to focus attention on the problem by unveiling the Voter Turnout Lift-UP! Bra along with their fall/winter collection on May 9.

read the rest here. where would I be without japan to entertain me.


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