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is there an official term for my condition?

being a non cook, i sometimes struggle to justify my favourite tv show ever being the iron chef. despite it ending in the early 2000s and having to watch repeat food battles fought out in kitchen stadium, sometimes a decade ago, chairman kaga and his team of cullinary maestros never fail to entertain me.  [our library has a copy of the iron chef ‘official book’ and this has just reminded me to borrow it again as it has been a while since I have read it.]

the other day i found my newest ‘cool thing that i need’. its the nintendo wii Cooking Mama: Cook Off game, where chef is pitted against chef in an international cook off. 55 dishes from 10 countries. unfortunatley they don’t cook australian dishes – I am an expert in vegemite on toast, sometimes with cheese to offset the bitterness of the vegemite. 

i don’t know if there is an official term for my condition but it could be that i am a non practising foodie. but far more likely it is the result of having extremely bossy friends who drag me to great restaurants even when i say i dont want to go [YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE].


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the spatula forum


because i really do care about semantics i needed to be certain about what the world calls the kitchen utensil pictured above [thought not heart shaped ones in particular, i just liked the picture].

being the very learned reference librarian that i aspire to be one day, i went onto google images and did a couple of searches using different search terms.

the kitchen untensil under scrutiny is often referred to as some sort of flipper or turner – be it kitchem egg, pancake, or just straight flipper/turner. however it is most commonly referred to as a spatula.

but the problem I have with it just being a spatula [Latin, flat piece of wood, splint, diminutive of spatha, broadsword] is that the spatula family is quite extensive. different spatuli are used on different occasions, so you need to be really sure which item you are referring to when you ask your cooking assistant to pass the spatula.

so, in my own small attempt to make the world less complicated, i am asking that all english speakers refer to the above kitchen utensil as a ‘flipper’. a ‘metal flipper’  if it is metal or a ‘nylon flipper’ if it is nylon.

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it was just sheer coincidence when, after a reading hiatus of a month or two, the first book i picked up was gregory day’s the patron saint of eels. set in a small town in coastal victoria,  it begins on a day after the rains had stopped, the rivers and dams are overflowing, and masses of eels are left stranded in the ditches. 

i drove out to Little River [the band was named after this town] to see Jill and was reminded of the book as the water bucketed down.  i half expected to see ditches full of eels flapping against each other and an italian monk in converse skate shoes leading them to safety. that would’ve been cool. 

eels are also extremely tasty when cooked japanese style. the city of osaka is famous for its unagi.

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the last desk shift before christmas

no this isn’t going to turn into some dodgy christmas poem take-off.  i actually was rostered to do the last circ desk shift before christmas – my first one using the new library computer system that i helped implement and that brought me great pain – see post below to see just how much. 

so we cranked up the HI-5 christmas album [which does does a very interesting break beat version of jingle bells] and handed out ‘reindeer food’ and candy canes to anyone who wandered in.

 and FINALLY  it was the patrons giving the librarians dirty looks for being too loud and raucus.

 payback time.

 happy christmas, and remember to bring your christmas holiday reading material back in time or you will get fined.

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1 day v 1 hour

im not going to dwell too much on this because it makes my head hurt – but the difference between an overdue library fine of 20 cents  a day and 20 cents AN HOUR is more than a monetary balance.  it is the difference between a happy lms go live, and patrons, library staff and the library systems chick being totally fucking pissed off. 

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freshly baked usb

this usb fortune cookie also comes in green pink and blue, which I am a bit unsure about. you can also get pizzas and donuts. on my nice to have but not essential gadget list for this week.

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dont diss my poncho

The uk daily mail recently published a survey of top ten fashion winners and disasters according to a survey of shoppers.

I own one of the “winners” (stilletos) . However I own four of the “disasters” (poncho – several of these; hooded sweatshirt – several; leggings – several; puffball skirt) and want to own a fifth “disaster” (velour tracksuit).

however given that bikini, wonderbra, mini skirt and aviator sunglasses were in the “winning” list I am not that concerned that i am a walking fashion disaster.

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