is there an official term for my condition?

being a non cook, i sometimes struggle to justify my favourite tv show ever being the iron chef. despite it ending in the early 2000s and having to watch repeat food battles fought out in kitchen stadium, sometimes a decade ago, chairman kaga and his team of cullinary maestros never fail to entertain me.  [our library has a copy of the iron chef ‘official book’ and this has just reminded me to borrow it again as it has been a while since I have read it.]

the other day i found my newest ‘cool thing that i need’. its the nintendo wii Cooking Mama: Cook Off game, where chef is pitted against chef in an international cook off. 55 dishes from 10 countries. unfortunatley they don’t cook australian dishes – I am an expert in vegemite on toast, sometimes with cheese to offset the bitterness of the vegemite. 

i don’t know if there is an official term for my condition but it could be that i am a non practising foodie. but far more likely it is the result of having extremely bossy friends who drag me to great restaurants even when i say i dont want to go [YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE].


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