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keith fletcher?

The Google “Hot Trends” listing of the 100 fastest rising search terms for January 22 contains 25 relating to Ledger, including seven in the top 10.

Among the searches were many misspellings including Keith Ledger, Keith Fletcher, Heath Leader, Keith Legend and Heath Fletcher.


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he won idol, he wrote a novel

i really dont know how i missed it, but damian leith published his first book in october 2007 and is working on his second.

because i think that its important to support australian writers, even if they are bogan irish/australian idol winners, i borrowed it from the library to read.  it’s about a guy who goes trekking in nepal. oh and he also has an obsessive compulsive disporder.

so far it’s ok, but my issue is that there is such a big gap between australian writers who are average and those who are fantastic.


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just who do you think you are?

the local history librarian is really dark with SBS.  as a result of the documentary series ‘who do you think you are’  [yesterday it featured kate cebrano and it was pretty good] there has been a tenfold increase in requests to go through old local newspapers and council gazettes.  pretty funny.


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mains and dessert, at the same time thanks

 Available for a short time only from Kikuya, a ramen shop near Tokyo’s Kitasenjyu Station. Other items on the menu include white ramen (yogurt), red ramen (tomato), natto ramen, milk ramen, hot cocoa ramen, and pork kimchi ramen.

 oishii, ne?

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library game – addicted for about 10 minutes


i scoffed at this game called “i’ll get it!” when I first saw it. but then, totally against my will, i became engrossed for a short time before i got bored when it started to repeat questions. 

this game,  still in the testing phase, is designed to help university students find research materials. it does take a while to figure out the whole deal, but once you get the idea it’s easy.

i dont think i will play “i’ll get it” again though, as i found myself getting angry with the students who kept making unsmiley faces and leaving the library when I was taking too much time to find answers to their reference questions.  so i had to remind myself that it was a computer game and not real life.

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‘obscure’ google search tips

the currency conversion, world time search and flight details are great my life is never going to be the same again.

while on the site i also recommend the ‘top 10 food and drinks hacks’, where you can learn how to open a beer bottle with a piece of paper [great party trick though you probably have to be reasonably sober] and also how to build a fire with a can of coke and a chocolate bar, amongst 8 other great good foodie tips.

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superhero week at the library


not that i can really judge children’s librarians. i was pissed of cause our own children’s librarian did a superhero cape making activity yesterday and I wasn’t told about it.

however next week it’s superhero origami, and we are all set to make ninja stars, samuari helmets (I mean superhero hats) and paper planes, culminating in a paper plane fly-off at the end. i need to find the perfect plane design that will deliver me the prize but cristian the paper plane guru is out of town. what am i going to do?

speaking of origami flying objects… Origami spaceplane to launch from space station. this is a japanese thing of course.

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