the holiday season is a great time to…

catch up on a year’s worth of celebrity gossip, fashion news, health and beauty tips, consumer and recreational advice.

my team processes and catalogues all the serials for our library, so over the break I have been taking home piles of waiting to be processed mags to flick through. below are some of the more interesting things I have learnt.

  • the Fendi bagette is BACK after 10 years [vogue]
  • but the defining mood of handbags for 2007 was ‘oversized’ [vogue]
  •  there were serial killers in 2007 [marie claire, who]
  • there were also some starving africans in 2007 [marie claire]
  • i want to hike the rubicon tram line walk in vic [outdoor]
  • there is a rock called ‘skippy rock’ in wa  [outdoor]
  • crossing rivers is an art  [outdoor]
  • there is a nike shoe which connects and ‘talks’  to your ipod to measure your run rate [runners world]
  • stylists who recommend peach anoraks with converse hi-tops, and denim waistcoats with denim shorts should be shot [instyle]
  • lindsay lohan is a skanky ho [who]
  • there is some really shit writing in street culture magazines [actuallly, i knew this before but it was confirmed] [frankie]

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