a writer on running

I found this 2005 Haruki Murakami interview from Runner’s World, which shall act as inspiration for 2008 the year of running not working marathons.

My favourite Murakami quote in the piece:

There was this one time when I tried a 100K ultramarathon, I was tempted to listen to Mozart’s Magic Flute from the beginning to the end, but I gave up on it in the middle of the course. It was exhausting. Since then I found opera not to be a good fit for running.

Which does bring me to the question of what consitutes good running music, and a request for recommend inspirational tracks or albums that will distract me from the pain of running.  So far, on my new silver iPod shuffle, I have downloaded Evermore (including the track Running), Justin Timberlake, and Shakira. I should probably also add the Rocky theme song/s, especially that one that plays when he runs up the museum stairs .



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4 responses to “a writer on running

  1. soulofarunner

    I’ve seen Magic Flute, the movie version of it, on Boxing Day – and there was a lot of “A…A…A…A…A” for our running to go smooth. Exhausting indeed. I run without music yet my partner runner asked in store for something to fit with running. They picked and choosed for her some dance stuff, that kind of nerdy one with bass and drums. It keeps her going – she runs on music even at official races.
    I am a marathon runner too, my last was Athens Classic in november – there was a band there at the end, in the stadium. It was the last thing I needed:(
    It’s my first week into Blogging, I’ve been almost absolutely ignorant of it up until now and I try to get it right. For example will this message reach you indeed? And will you be able to find out about my blog and the blogger just by reading my comment? And I wonder if my a few posts were published for all or are appearing just on my blog. I do need a tutorial on basics and I am very happy that by chance I found out a runner in you.
    Please, I ask you to offer a feedback on this. It will be a sign that my comment went through.
    Thank you, running is magic so enjoy it!

  2. bec s

    Clearly the Boss’s Born to Run is a hot favourite: “tramps like us, baby we were born to run (insert epic guitar)”. I have it on my iPod along with other running favourites MIA and Madonna.

  3. dear soulofarunner, yes this message has reached me, but no i cannot view your blog because you have not allow for this to happen (i think you need to look at your blog settings). i think that you may be disappointed if you continue to read this blog because it is not really about running marathons, its about books and libraries and stuff. though as you have seen i do ask for important running advice such as what music should i listen to, am I wearing the right brand of running shoes [brooks], and if katie [holmes] can do it why shouldnt I. i hope that you can offer me advice on these subject areas.

    excuse me bec – are you calling me a tramp?! three words. pot. kettle. black.

  4. soulofarunner

    Dear Donna,
    The best bet is to seek assistance from a specialized running store, which can asses your running pattern, put you through a simulation and then advice you on the best running shoes. Brooks is fine, I prefer Asics but it s just a choice.
    The best music as I heard from my running partner is a dance, trance kind of. Something uplifting.
    You need to religiously follow the training schedule, to increase the long runs with 1-2 miles from one week to another, to include a few sprint sessions and to start decreasing the long runs 3-4 weeks prior to the Marathon. Esentially, better stay injury free, even with less training, rather than overtraining and risking some niggling pain which may occur in articulations.
    Good luck, enjoy running and ask more – you are welcome!
    I am dissapointed to hear that zou can t see my Blog, I don t know what to do about it. Others though confirmed that it s visible.
    Please let me know – a second try…

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