“Borrower goes wild at library”

A newspaper article from the US about a woman who ‘borrowed’ more than 1000 dvds toys and books.

”This is the first time in the history of our library that someone has done this,” said library spokeswoman Carla Davis. ”Usually, most library users understand the principle of borrowing and returning our shared resources. Unfortunately, this person could not abide by this idea.”

Police say Ware would open new accounts with her children to continue ”borrowing” library items, including children’s and adult books, DVDs and VHS tapes. She also took toys kept at libraries for children to play with, police say.

It’s more common than the newspaper makes it out to be. At our library we get people like this as well (to slightly lower degrees of delinquency).  When someone joins up at the library and takes out their maximum amount of items, especially dvds,  you sometimes know that you are never going to see them again…



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6 responses to ““Borrower goes wild at library”

  1. Fatduck

    The library system needs to become more punitive. Anyone who fails to return items, especially DVDs, should be denied access to welfare, the baby bonus, the first home-owner’s grant, and the public school system, for the remainder of their lives.

  2. m.

    i think that the librarians just need to be issued with tasers.

  3. agreed. but im more about freedom of choice – at sign up time allow patrons to choose between taser, incarceration, welfare denial, or ‘wildcard’ . and have their membership card reflect the preference, a la organ donors.

  4. m.

    i think you should just tase them the first time, and subject them to involuntary organ donation the second time. you can sell their liver on ebay to pay for the dvds and keep the change.

  5. .. and just watch someone with a camera phone video it as he screams out “Don’t tase me bro’!”

  6. can you all quit trivialising my world and defer your personal library taser fantasies to your own blogs. i am a professional. thanks.

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