he won idol, he wrote a novel

i really dont know how i missed it, but damian leith published his first book in october 2007 and is working on his second.

because i think that its important to support australian writers, even if they are bogan irish/australian idol winners, i borrowed it from the library to read.  it’s about a guy who goes trekking in nepal. oh and he also has an obsessive compulsive disporder.

so far it’s ok, but my issue is that there is such a big gap between australian writers who are average and those who are fantastic.



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2 responses to “he won idol, he wrote a novel

  1. Bec

    Don’t forget Damien Leith also has a PhD in chemistry, just to add to his strange array of talents.

  2. to save anyone the pain of reading the book – the nepalese guide is killed in the end cause the japanese tourist wouldnt pay the maoist ‘donation’. it suddenly became less about ocd and more about how we should all be responsible tourists in third world countries because it is the locals who suffer. lives can be lost so we must really think about our actions. ok?

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