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obsessed with byron


you know that you are in a town obsessed by surfing when the first, third and last pages of the morning newspaper are dominated by surf stories. [should or should not the rip curl pro tour be held at lennox head near byron bay]. and every second store is a surfwear/surf accessories store [my dream shopping experience].

and since my private surfing lesson this morning i have also become obsessed with surfing. or more obsessed than I currently have been. my instructor ainslie pointed out the important flaw in my stand up technique and since then I have been ‘owning the break’. well in my own mind I have been anyway [i actually havent].

 it’s been good to take a break from the library, but i couldnt help but drop by the local library here to check out the scene. part of my informaton gathering mission for when I am ready for my own white sand sea change, which wont come soon enough.



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today’s entertainment is: max

a friend who appreciates humour yesterday sent me the link to this guardian travel blog. it’s fucking hilarious so you have to read it, especially for the comments. i wish my travel blogs could elicit such passion.

in 2006 when i was hanging around india nepal and tibet i met ‘max’. i liked ‘max’ a lot [though i have actually forgotten his name so maybe i didnt]. ‘max’ can be found wearing cheesecloth and havaiianas in most asian and south american backpacker destinations. ‘max’ is not someone to be afraid of. he is one of the few travellers who will most likely buy you a beer and will not snub you because you don’t have amazing stories of wrestling with tigers to tell.

 in summary i support max.

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the workshop that cannot be spoken of

ive recently returned from a librarians workshop, which im not allowed to blog about directly, the consequences of which will see me permanently blacklisted from the library profession.

i’m not going to write anything about it directly either, because i also like the idea of the code of silence that gives the aura of  this workshop being a cult, where a couple of disgruntled librarians who havent been get to have a bit of  a whinge about its exclusivity. and ive never been part of a cult before so this has been a wonderful experience for me.  

i must confess that a major motivator for me wanting to attend this workshop was that it was in thredbo. and i also have to add that thredbo is truly excellent in summer when there is no snow on the mountain. great for mountain biking and hiking. except for the disappointment of mt kosciuszko which is more of a mound than a mountain when i was expecting snow caps and imposing shadows over the landscape.

have i come back a changed person? on the outside i guess that’s for people who know me to make that call. on the inside it’s still too early to decide. god forbid if I now decide that i am going to accept more responsibility in my job when all i want is 9-5 stability.

if anything i became empowered. it reinforced my vision of being the job share library manager (surf in the morning shelve books in the afternoon) at the surf city library in torquay. and that is a really positive thing.

i would recommend this workshop for any librarians wishing to explore their potiential.


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double pluggers


the double plugger had totally escaped my mind until this week, when it came up quite casually in two  conversations. determined to reconnect with a fading memory i searched the web until i found a worthy double plugger image. 

having grown up by the beach, i get quite nostalgic when it comes to things like cheap synthetic footwear.  i have now upgraded and only wear havaiianas, the metallic ones. they look great with toe socks, which on a practical level means that you can have dayand night shoes which are one and the same thing. admittedly havaiianas are single pluggers, but i will never forget that it was the original double plugger that paved the way for such footwear greatness.


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you do the math

i thought that my period of working 50 hour days was a thing of my dark past, until this week, where I am trying to get our budgets done. but of course they wont freaking balance.  im not very good at adding up and doing percentages so it takes me a bit longer than the average accountant.

my colleague, who is going through the same balance sheet hell as I am, today sent me the link to this site which has made my life marginally more bearable. refer to the calculator tools.

and speaking of accountants, our middle aged payroll guy has this habit of doing a wander around the office once a week for a general chat with council staff.  to my surprise last week,  i discovered that he loves the contemporary american authors – john updike, phillip roth et al. he said that he enjoys updike in particular because of the surbia that he writes of. i think every male can identify with rabbit angstrom in some way, and it brings them comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

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excuse generator

That could destory the firewall…

A change in the library website might cause radiosity depletion…

If we enhance our firewall settings, it would ruin the ambient feng shui!!!

We have to protect the way we’ve always done it!!!

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blogger’s block

since being unceremoniously dragged from the library to the town hall to work, i no longer have an inspiring workplace from which to write about. i am particularly spewing because my bicycle commute to work now an outrageus 10 minutes further. 

 it made me happy today to go back to the library and sit at my old desk and listen to those familiar sounds of the children’s librarian yelling at the kids who were riding scooters down the hallway, and feel those awkward silences that appear when you enter a room where people have been bitching about you.

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