cellphone novels – segoi!

why wait for expensive ebook readers like kindle or whatever when, like in japan, you can download an ebook into your mobile phone. apparently over there one of the fastest growing genres is the cellphone novel.  writers, young kids who have grown up using cellphones,  are actually writing them from the phone keypad and uploading to websites (to then be downloaded by others). 

cellphone novels are not really a great jump from the manga that EVERYONE reads in japan which has short paragraphs and lots of space for imagining things, which is no doubt why they have been accepted quite readily over there.  plus you could say that japan has a tradition of literary succinctness as seen in haiku and tanka.

 read more about these from this wall street journal article and a translated excerpt of a cellphone novel (warning: don’t expect literary genius but it could possibly keep you occupied on the train ride home from work).

i love the concept of having one portable gadget (ie your mobile phone) that does everything you could ever possibly want to do – much like those all in one remote controls that you can get that for your tv, dvd, stereo, garage door, aircon, lights etc


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