the librarians party circuit

so it’s ‘party time’ in melboune right now ’cause of the big library technology conference that is on and all the suppliers are keen to impress clients and potential clients.

so i dragged the new reader services librarian (she’s irish, she likes wine, and by her own admission she’s a lush after a few glasses) and katy out to the two big events that were on that night.

needless to say were were home by 10.30. event number one – we never met the hosts. they had good taste in wine which filled in the absentee gaps quite nicely.  the magician was mildly entertaining. event number two seemed to be a staff event with us as the gatecrashers. there was a cover band who did 80s hits – it reminded me of my year 12 school ball.

 i dont think i will be attending any more librarians functions this week.



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4 responses to “the librarians party circuit

  1. How’s this for Librarian Party Wear[tm]

  2. Oops it didn’t show up.

    Try this

  3. yeah good one freofan. the link was broken, so here it is again

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