double pluggers


the double plugger had totally escaped my mind until this week, when it came up quite casually in two  conversations. determined to reconnect with a fading memory i searched the web until i found a worthy double plugger image. 

having grown up by the beach, i get quite nostalgic when it comes to things like cheap synthetic footwear.  i have now upgraded and only wear havaiianas, the metallic ones. they look great with toe socks, which on a practical level means that you can have dayand night shoes which are one and the same thing. admittedly havaiianas are single pluggers, but i will never forget that it was the original double plugger that paved the way for such footwear greatness.



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5 responses to “double pluggers

  1. Ainslie

    Good work on the Google image search!!

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  3. Dan

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  4. Dan

    Your work is marvelous!!o

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