you do the math

i thought that my period of working 50 hour days was a thing of my dark past, until this week, where I am trying to get our budgets done. but of course they wont freaking balance.  im not very good at adding up and doing percentages so it takes me a bit longer than the average accountant.

my colleague, who is going through the same balance sheet hell as I am, today sent me the link to this site which has made my life marginally more bearable. refer to the calculator tools.

and speaking of accountants, our middle aged payroll guy has this habit of doing a wander around the office once a week for a general chat with council staff.  to my surprise last week,  i discovered that he loves the contemporary american authors – john updike, phillip roth et al. he said that he enjoys updike in particular because of the surbia that he writes of. i think every male can identify with rabbit angstrom in some way, and it brings them comfort in knowing that they are not alone.


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