the workshop that cannot be spoken of

ive recently returned from a librarians workshop, which im not allowed to blog about directly, the consequences of which will see me permanently blacklisted from the library profession.

i’m not going to write anything about it directly either, because i also like the idea of the code of silence that gives the aura of  this workshop being a cult, where a couple of disgruntled librarians who havent been get to have a bit of  a whinge about its exclusivity. and ive never been part of a cult before so this has been a wonderful experience for me.  

i must confess that a major motivator for me wanting to attend this workshop was that it was in thredbo. and i also have to add that thredbo is truly excellent in summer when there is no snow on the mountain. great for mountain biking and hiking. except for the disappointment of mt kosciuszko which is more of a mound than a mountain when i was expecting snow caps and imposing shadows over the landscape.

have i come back a changed person? on the outside i guess that’s for people who know me to make that call. on the inside it’s still too early to decide. god forbid if I now decide that i am going to accept more responsibility in my job when all i want is 9-5 stability.

if anything i became empowered. it reinforced my vision of being the job share library manager (surf in the morning shelve books in the afternoon) at the surf city library in torquay. and that is a really positive thing.

i would recommend this workshop for any librarians wishing to explore their potiential.



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5 responses to “the workshop that cannot be spoken of

  1. Cult member

    What a bizarre coincidence. I stumbled upon this site quite by accident while googling and I find this post… You see I have the secret too, in fact I’m somewhere in your Thredbo flickr photos and if you don’t believe me, all I will say is……dragon.
    Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me 😉

  2. Hey cult member, I guess you can talk about what it is a bit more, but hey, you can keep them all guessing, wondering what it is you have been to.

  3. dear cult member. i believe you. the problem with writing a vaguely anonymous blog is that nothing in the library world is secret/sacred and sooner rather than later people who are not your imagined audience start reading it. imagine if I had ‘dissed you?! [note: if you were any of those people in the pics as you say you are i would not have cause you all rock very much]. now that would have been really embarassing for both me and you. and then you get paranoid that your boss is going to read it so you start sanitising what you write so not to piss anyone off inadvertenly or risk damaging what is left of your career which is going to be in tatters anyway. i thank you for keeping my participation in the cult a secret.

    jill – marketing it as a cult for librarians can be quite effective. I NOW BELIEVE!

  4. Cult Member

    I know what you mean about blogs, one reason I have never been brave enough to have a proper one, hell, I even made my Web 2.0 one as anonymous as possible (even though there was nothing more controversial than a whinge about rss feeds). I really did stumble upon yours by complete accident (I was doing a search for “library memberships” on google!) so if I can, who else I suppose.
    Anyway, for what it’s worth it’s a good blog and no you definately didn’t diss me, in fact it was great meeting you. There was the odd tricky bit up there but I had a great time and met some really great people. Don’t think I have been transformed but there’s a few things there to think about for sure…I do know that I will never make it on “So you think you can dance” and I’ll never hear the Village People again without cringing..
    Anyway hope Unicorn doesn’t give you too many more headaches, cheers (or Kampai) & all the best from your fellow workshopper, hopefully I’ll catch up with you when we all don the white robes and meet up for a Melbourne reunion somewhere suitably cult-like

  5. given your past, i think that you would appreciate my posts about underwear vending machines and icecream ramen so i am glad that you found this. see you at the next cult meeting.

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