today’s entertainment is: max

a friend who appreciates humour yesterday sent me the link to this guardian travel blog. it’s fucking hilarious so you have to read it, especially for the comments. i wish my travel blogs could elicit such passion.

in 2006 when i was hanging around india nepal and tibet i met ‘max’. i liked ‘max’ a lot [though i have actually forgotten his name so maybe i didnt]. ‘max’ can be found wearing cheesecloth and havaiianas in most asian and south american backpacker destinations. ‘max’ is not someone to be afraid of. he is one of the few travellers who will most likely buy you a beer and will not snub you because you don’t have amazing stories of wrestling with tigers to tell.

 in summary i support max.


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One response to “today’s entertainment is: max

  1. Bobo

    Of course you support Max. You support Max because everyone else has vilified him.

    Someone noted that the comments betray alarming levels of class hatred. I have to agree with that.

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