obsessed with byron


you know that you are in a town obsessed by surfing when the first, third and last pages of the morning newspaper are dominated by surf stories. [should or should not the rip curl pro tour be held at lennox head near byron bay]. and every second store is a surfwear/surf accessories store [my dream shopping experience].

and since my private surfing lesson this morning i have also become obsessed with surfing. or more obsessed than I currently have been. my instructor ainslie pointed out the important flaw in my stand up technique and since then I have been ‘owning the break’. well in my own mind I have been anyway [i actually havent].

 it’s been good to take a break from the library, but i couldnt help but drop by the local library here to check out the scene. part of my informaton gathering mission for when I am ready for my own white sand sea change, which wont come soon enough.



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3 responses to “obsessed with byron

  1. jillstephens

    Hey Donna,
    Didn’t know Ainslie went on hols with you, to teach you surfing, ha ha.
    Enjoy, and see if you get time to put some pics up. What a great break. You’re such a surfey chick

  2. yes – ainslie is a librarian by day and a surf pro on the weekend.

  3. jillstephens

    Donna, you should blow this pic up, it’s beautiful

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