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14.14km later

i survived the run. it wasnt a record breaking time, but the good news is that i didn’t get to ‘eye of the tiger’ which i had lined up in my ipod for that moment when my body was screaming no and the finish line was not yet in sight.

i found that merengue tunes are good for running to, as they keep a nice fast rhythm. the dirty dancing II havana nights soundtrack (black eyed peas, santana, christina aguilera, wyclef jean et al) also went down very well and i would recommend it for anyone else looking for good running music.


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we are about to install wireless hotspots in some of our busier libraries, which is quite exciting for us as it potentially opens our membership to a currently untouched demographic (ie ‘i’m young, hip and upwardly mobile – why do i need to use the public library when i have my own wifi laptop and i always buy books and dvds rather than borrow them?’).

we have two options – do we go for the mega expensive product that links to the membership database and makes memberhsip number the logon password (free, takes about 5 min to sign up, a good way to increase membership which in turn justifies funding), or the much much cheaper, easier and more painless option that many cafes now offer, which is an unsecure and unrestricted acess point totally separate from the library’s own network?

a dilemma. perhaps?

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library joke #1

its comedy festival time in melbourne right now so i thought i would get into the spirit of the event and put some library jokes on The Ath chalkboards for comedy punters to laugh at (??) as they waited between shows (the library shares the same space as one of the comedy fest venues). here’s one of my favourites. i thought it was funny, but then again I am a brunette:

Once a blonde went to the library to get a book. A few days later, she returns and says to librarian at the counter, “This book was very boring. It had too many characters and too many numbers, so i would like to return it.”
The librarian says to the other librarian, “So here is the person who took our phone book!”

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lights off for earth hour. all good, but should plasma radiance count as ‘light’?

between 8 and 9pm yesterday the residents of melrose place observed earth hour and turned all the lights off.  it would have all been quite good and noble and everything, had there not been a televised afl match between carlton and st kilda (see previous post for importance of viewing game).

once all the lights were out, we found that light radiating from huge plasma screen eradicated the need for any other light anyway. so we kept the lights off the remainder of the night.

i reckon earth hour 2009 should be extended to turning plasma televisions off. and, importantly, non essential television should be sheduled during this time.

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The new BoBo shelving collection by Wayne Maxwell will be released soon, a series of alder wood shelves with a wenge stain and a white backing board.

from this excellent blog dedicated to bookshelves.

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carlton fc – what’s good about it?

so katy has just become an australian citizen. and in doing so she needed an afl team to get behind. being a regular to  the princess park running track, it seemed only natural then that carlton fc become ‘her team’.

even though i know little about carlton, i do know a couple of things. namely: the fev is a moron; chris judd should have known better than to leave west coast. so i am not very helpful in giving advice on how to handle bitchy comments from opposition supporters.

if ANYONE can advise on how she should respond to these and any other comments it would help her survive her first footy season:

“brendan fevola is a dickhead”

“chris judd – yeah, whatever”

“carlton are a shit team, why did you choose them?”

thanks in advance on behalf of katy who i will pass any useful answers onto.


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[home] library management – the rules

link to a geeky blog entry about the rules of home library management. and a follow up article here . for example, to minimise the risk of book loss when someone asks to borrow one there must be an unconditional no, or otherwise,say goodbye to it and buy another one on amazon.

also, what is acceptable to display on your living room bookshelf? both read and unread items? items which signify the person you wish to be, or the person you currently are? your old uni textbooks that are probably out of date by now?

FYI, my rules of library management, which differ to that of the above guy:

  1. You can borrow: all hardbacks, all items on the secondary bookshelf, library books (so long as you return them to the correct library and take responsibility for any late fees)
  2. You cannot borrow: any haruki murakami, any first editions, any ikebana or japanese books/magazines
  3. Unread books and library books can be located between the bookends on top of the primary shelf
  4. All other books should be assumed read, or there because they have been given as a gift and must appear as read.
  5. However, unread but aspirational books are ok so long as you really really really do aim to give a good shot at reading them one day and make clear to the browser that you have not [yet] read them.


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