the fancy new bicycle pump in the library

has a pressure gauge, an ergonomic lightweight frame, and comes with various attachments. which are all well and good, but not very useful when you need to take a course to figure out how to use the damn thing.

i dropped into the library last weekend to use this new bike pump that our council has supplied all libraries for staff use. however, when i attached the pump nozzle to the tyre tube all i managed to do was create a gush of air as the tyre promptly deflated. 

basically, i used the new fancy bicycle pump to make two tyres that were kind of squishy but rideable, completely flat and useless. and i just couldnt figure out how to reverse the deflating process.

so in the end I gave up and wheeled my bike to the local service station and used the air pump there to fill up my tyre. it took about 1 minute.

the moral of this story is don’t switch to a new tyre inflating system if your current one still works.


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