yesterday i met surfbetty, who is now the new love of my life (see above). i met her at the torquay backbeach and an instant bond was formed.

i am now desperate to see surfbetty every day, so if anyone has any good connections to the hr department at geelong library corporation – which has a branch at surf city and a surf coast mobile library – then please let me know so i can work there and hang out with surfbetty every day.



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3 responses to “surfbettty

  1. jillstephens

    Hey there Surfey chick !

    The Geelong Library recently advertised for a branch manager job at Torquay (?), am pretty sure it was a few months ago.

    THe head of the library spoke at our Leap into Leadership day at SLV, she was great, you should approach her.

    Make sure you guys drop in on your way to the waves. Would be good.


  2. Ainslie

    I know Kim and Pam @ Geelong. You want me to hook you up?

  3. im loving all of these connections

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