the dirty mile


Come on a walk through Fitzroy’s Indigenous history to experience Indigenous peoples’ strong and continuing historical, cultural and emotional connection to this place – from its Woiwurrung beginnings right up to the here and now. Follow Doug Nicholls to footy training; listen to his sermon; meet our Returned Soldiers, our female WW2 Munitions Workers, Atherton Estate locals before the High-rise, our sporting heroes – the Indigenous Fitzroy residents – in the pubs, organisations, churches and back lanes.

i saw this ilbijerri theatre company performance the other day with some library staff. im fortunate to live and work in such culturally diverse* community, with history on every street and corner.

since the performance is in a public space (ie down gertrude street and on corners outside pubs) you get members of the public – and their pets – wandering through the scenes. and this just adds to the entertainment. a regular library patron wandered past and his dog got lost in the audience. after a few c words directed towards us the dog was retrieved and we all moved along.

as a point of interest the token white guy in the performance is the long standing policeman in Neighbours. I knew I had seen him on some tv show.

*though the latest stats show a strong community trend for a reduced migrant population and more high income earners – the only reason I know all of this as I have been reading ‘library trends’ documents all week for our strategic plan.


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