bells, take III

easter long weekend coming up and i now have my own ‘surfbetty’ thanks to ebay and TNT. its down to torquay for the third consecutive week, and the rip curl pro has just begun, which i am pretty psyched about. surrounded by such surfing royalty as kelly, taj (he’s from WA down south),mick and andy it’s hard not to be inspired to go forth and carve up the waves. or at least give it a shot.

 do i care that we kind of sort of forgot to modify the library system to deal with an avalanche of overdue books on the first day back from a 4 day holiday closure? [hint: starts with an “n”]



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2 responses to “bells, take III

  1. Bec Skinner

    you got one? well done. Can’t wait to see it. Are you away all weekend?

  2. Ainslie

    We don’t change the due date for books we just have stuff come in over the weekend to clear the return chutes so the first morning back after a long weeknd is not so hectic. 3 hrs double time for an hours work. Not bad!!!

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