6 sleeps to the ‘fun’ run

have yet to train the full distance [14km – i know – not ‘that’ far – but it is for me]. i am afraid that i will get halfway through the burnley tunnel and the event will end, leaving me stranded in the tunnel with big trucks and other dangerous vehicles in my path.

still need to:

  • get an appropriate running soundtrack on ipod
  • ensure feet are blister proof
  • train a bit more
  • eat carbohydrates
  • ‘taper’ [not sure what this will entail since there is not much to taper to]


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3 responses to “6 sleeps to the ‘fun’ run

  1. m.

    “an appropriate running soundtrack on ipod”: eye of the tiger. (on repeat)

  2. YES!
    i had a running breakthrough today and feel really good about it.

  3. erica

    i can definitely assist – being absolutely unable to run more than a mile sans ipod.
    surprisingly good tracks include ‘buddy holly’ by weezer; ‘hella good’ by no doubt; ‘crazy in love’ by beyonce; and ‘we used to be friends’ by the dandy’s.
    GOOD LUCK dodo – you’ll kick butt/truck etc xx

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