carlton fc – what’s good about it?

so katy has just become an australian citizen. and in doing so she needed an afl team to get behind. being a regular to  the princess park running track, it seemed only natural then that carlton fc become ‘her team’.

even though i know little about carlton, i do know a couple of things. namely: the fev is a moron; chris judd should have known better than to leave west coast. so i am not very helpful in giving advice on how to handle bitchy comments from opposition supporters.

if ANYONE can advise on how she should respond to these and any other comments it would help her survive her first footy season:

“brendan fevola is a dickhead”

“chris judd – yeah, whatever”

“carlton are a shit team, why did you choose them?”

thanks in advance on behalf of katy who i will pass any useful answers onto.



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5 responses to “carlton fc – what’s good about it?

  1. m.

    can’t help with that one … fevola is indeed a dickhead (and an overrated one, too), chris judd is dead to me and i have no idea why katie chose carlton.

    i am not sure that i can talk to her anymore.

  2. bec s

    The Fev rules, for example the Bingle Bungle (affair with Lara Bingle) and last weeks PissGate incident. AFL is about releasing the inner bogan in us all and Carlton sure are good at it. Carlton also have good uniforms.

  3. Katy

    Carlton Carlton I love you.
    Fev was a dickhead but he is not anymore and he is our hero….. um… how do their uniforms look like??? Tell me their colours. It’s about time to knit a scarf….and wear it during the game.
    Fevola Fevola you indeed were a dickhead but you are not anymore!!!

  4. Cass

    Brendan Fevola is not a dickhead whoever wrote that is the dickhead themselves who won the coleman he does soooooo much for our club and he is going to rise again and be great like he always is Chris Judd is only the best player in the AFL and will be great for a young side like Carlton don’t listen to the wanka telling you other wise I am a mad Carlton supporter and I believe in them every step of the way. By the way who has got the best history in the AFL………. CARLTON!!!! So get ready and see them get back to where they used to be AT THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!!!! GO BLUES!!!!

  5. katy their colours are blue and gold, so you need to knit a scarf that colour. i’ll look at the fixtures and find a suitable game for your carlton debut.

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