international edible book festival

i participated in the edible book festival which is held on april 1 every year.  the deal is that you make some food that resembles a book.  

we baked, we ate, we judged.  i didnt win in either of the three categories (which I cant remember what they actually were) and was disappointed that my homage to ‘fast food nation’ did not attract the attention of the  guests as I hoped.  couldnt ANYONE see the genius behind my work? that i visited both maccas and hjs (or do they call it burger king here?) in the name of art, surely deserved a special mention?  but no. i mean, not that the winners weren’t also worthy, they were quite good in fact.  but i dont think any of the three winners suffered for their art as I did.

you can make up your own mind by looking at the pictures:


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