the opposite of life

is, like, death???

NO – it’s becoming a VAMPIRE!

set in inner city melbourne, melissa [lissa] is a librarian and ’21st century geekgirl’ . her library manager is a cool fitzroy lesbian who breaks all the moulds of what librarians should look like.  lissa’s library passion is shelving books and shelf reading [this is an industry term for making sure that the dewey numbers are in the correct order] even though she is a qualified librarian. because we qualified librarians are WAY above shelving that aren’t we. 

lissa has goth mates that hang out in laneway bars in melbourne. and of course where there are goths there are VAMPIRES.

i must admit that i have been reluctantly drawn to the urban fantasy genre. for some reason, starting last year a work colleague thought i was into this genre and kept leaving these books on my desk.




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