first day back and the ridiculous reference questions still continue:

suntanned librarian (ST): hi xxxxx library how can I help you?
caller (C): yes, do you have a book about hobbies?’
ST: there are many hobbies, do you have any idea about what you are looking for?
C: no i don’t, which is why i want a book about hobbies?
ST: [simultaneously searching the library catalogue] i think it will be quite difficult to find a book on hobbies. what are you interested in?
C: i dont know. that’s why i want a book so i can see what I am interested in
ST: how about cooking? computers? gardening? knitting? [sex?, my colleague unhelpfully suggests] …
C: i really am not sure, that’s why I want a book
ST: the only book we have in our catalogue is called ‘how to turn your hobbies into a profitable business’, that’s not what you are looking for is it?
C: no…
ST: i think you need to come into the library and talk to us to get an idea about what you are interested in, we have books on every type of hobbies here, just not one book with a list of them all.
C: ok bye [hangs up]

ST: bloody hell that was a painful conversation



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2 responses to “hobbies?

  1. katy

    hahahahahahah…It’s just same as a patron asked me books on leisure! she must be a hardcord as she doesn’t not what leisure is!!!!

  2. Ebsco has a database called “Hobbies and Crafts Reference Centre”! And you can browse a list of lots of different hobbies! But then again, if your library hasn’t subscribed to it, this information is of little value to you…

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